PVAC production starts due to COVID-19's controlled in China

2020-05-19 09:23:05 admin 1232

China solemnly promises that the new crown virus vaccine will be used as a global public product after successful research and development.  Our PVAC Production has started thanks to China's powerful control on COVID-19. Our polyvinyl acetate (pvac) production base in Shandong has started to work since Feb 2020. After the situation of covid-19 in wuhan totally under control. And the production capacity of PVAC (polyvinyl acetate) has increased to 80% by April and 100% by May.

The new coronavirus pneumonia COVID-19 has caused more than 4 million infections worldwide, and the best way to control the epidemic in the future is vaccines. At today's WHO Global Conference, China made a commitment that after the successful development of the new coronavirus vaccine, it will serve as a global public product and bring benefits to the world.

Due to the urgency of the new coronavirus, related vaccines will inevitably become a sought-after product, which is actually not conducive to global epidemic control. China has promised that after the new crown vaccine is developed and put into use, it will serve as a global public product and contribute to China's accessibility and affordability of vaccines in developing countries.

According to WHO's data, there are currently 8 new coronavirus vaccines entering the clinical stage globally, of which 4 are in China, 3 are in the United States, and 1 is developed in the UK. In this regard, China has been at the forefront.

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