Low Profile Features of Nitchen Polyvinyl Acetate solid Resin

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NITCHEN POLYMERS POLYVINYL ACETATE solid resins prevent shrinking during the curing of unsaturated polyesters. This is one of the most important criteria in the automotive industry. POLYVINYL ACETATE solid resins are considered to be low-profile additives because they provide excellent dimensional stability.

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The acceptable volume-shrinkage of the unsaturated polyester is 0.05 %, expressed in terms of the original dimensions of the unit before curing. In the closedmold process, an excellent property profile is essential. This includes surface smoothness, high gloss, high dimensional stability and reduced shrinkage.

Low-profile additives (LPA) are used in UP resin-based formulations to achieve the desired product quality. POLYVINYL ACETATE HV1 as well as POLYVINYL ACETATE HV S and B 100 (non-carboxylated polyvinyl acetate resins) are used as low-profile additives. Without the use of POLYVINYL ACETATE as a low-profile additive, warping of the unit being constructed would occur, as well as poor surface quality. These are critical performance requirements for the automotive and transportation industries. Low-profile additives yield a high-quality surface called a Class A surface. The special effect that POLYVINYL ACETATE solid resins contribute stems from extraordinary solubility characteristics during curing of unsaturated polyesters.

POLYVINYL ACETATE solid resins become gradually insoluble during the curing process. They expand and hinder the natural shrinkage which takes place during curing of unsaturated polyester. These important solubility characteristics of POLYVINYL ACETATE solid resins can be adjusted via the following parameters:

– Molecular weight

– Degree of functionality

– Type of functionality

– Polymer structure

NITCHEN POLYMERS strives for continuous improvement in this market segment through the development of new, ustommade products. In close collaboration with customers, new products are being developed and existing POLYVINYL ACETATE  products enhanced. The emphasis of our research and development is on supplying our customers with POLYVINYL ACETATE solid resins that display the versatility needed for use in a wide spectrum of applications. Guide formulations are available on request. 

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