HACCP for Polyvinyl Acetate

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HACCP for Polyvinyl Acetate

HACCP for Polyvinyl Acetate

Food Grade Nitchen PVAC has acquired HACCP certification. HACCP ensures the safety of food in the process of production, processing, manufacture, preparation and consumption. It is a scientific, rational and systematic method in hazard identification, evaluation and control. But not an unacceptable threat to health. Identify possible links in the food production process and take appropriate control measures to prevent the occurrence of hazards. By monitoring and controlling each step of the process, the probability of damage is reduced.

International standard CAC/RCP-1, general principles of food hygiene 1997 revision 3 edition defines HACCP as a system for identifying, evaluating and controlling the hazards that are critical to food safety.

Under the guidance of the principles of the HACCP management system, food safety is integrated into the design process rather than in the traditional sense of final product testing.

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