Polyvinyl Acetate is a Great Anti-Shrinkage Additive for SMC/BMC

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Currently, most of the composites in the world are thermosetting during which the Unsaturated Polyester (UP) will have severe shrinkage and distortion. Nitchen chemicals known as ultra anti shrinkage additive is specially against the critical shrinkage (6-10%) occurred in casting the liquid of Styrene and hot UP in making SMC/BMC for the industries of Auto Parts, FRP Products, Electronics, Doors and Windows etc, and can reduce the shrinking rate down to 0.05% and lower. 

With a wide range of experiments and the pragmatic utilization of our customers in GRP (FRP) industry, Nitchen Chemicals' polyvinyl acetate (pvac resin) is proved to have outstanding performance in Anti-Shrinkage, Flow Mark and Gloss Enhancement for the auto headlamp reflectors during casting. If added into SMC, Nitchen PVAC can improve the bumpers with lower shrinkage, higher impact resistance and less brittleness. Particularly in GRP (FRP) Sheets processing, Nitchen Polyvinyl acetate has already been of significant effect. 

We are a Joint Ventured Factory with Germany where advanced process and technology are imported for manufacturing pvac. Hence the final products can meet and surpass standards of Germany and USA.

We hold national certificates of food safety and environmental protection, our product is 100% environmental friendly.

Nitchen PVAC Resin is environment friendly (Food Safety & Environment Protection Cert.) and it has no harm to the health of producers and users. 

Polyvinyl Acetate as LPA in BMC PVAC applied in Pultrusion Polyvinyl Acetate PVAC Resin for SMC

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