The Polyvinyl acetate, PVAC, is a rubbery synthetic polymer with the formula (C4H6O2)n. It belongs to the polyvinyl esters family with the general formula -[RCOOCHCH2]-. It is a type of thermoplastic. 

polyvinyl acetate molecular formularpvac molecular structure
Formula: [CH2CHCOOCH3]n

The degree of polymerization of polyvinyl acetate typically is 100 to 5000. The ester groups of the polyvinyl acetate are sensitive for alkali and will slowly convert PVAC into polyvinyl alcohol and acetic acid.

Under alkaline conditions, boron compounds, such as boric acid or borax causes the polymer to cross-link forming tackified precipitates or slime

The PVAC we supply is divided in to Granules, Slices and Powder covering grades of high, middle and low molecular weight. It is clear crystal without impurity, no metal scrap particles, small particles, excellent dispersion, easy utilization. It's easily dissolved in in benzene, acetone.

Distiguished Properties: Adhesive, Anti-Shrink, Anti-Warping, Anti-Fatigue, Impact Resistence, Water Proof, Gloss Enhancement.

Featured Applications: Adhesives, Unsaturated Resin for FRP, Gloss Enhancer for Auto Headlights, Coating, Cement Additive, Gumbase.

- Chemical Parameters 

Viscosity (10%, 20C): 1.0-12.0
Molecular: 10,000 to 300,000
Soften Point: 58-110 C.
Free Acid (CH3COOH):  ≤ 0.05%.
Volatilizer: ≤ 1.0%.
Lead (Pb): ≤ 1.0mg/kg.
Arsenic(As): ≤ 3.0mg/kg.
Heavy metal: ≤ 10mg/kg

- Physical Performance 

Status: Solid, Apparent granule
Density:  1.19g/cubic cm (25C)
Refractive Index:  1.467(20C),
Vitrification temperature:  30-40 degree
Thermal Deformation: 50 degree
Pulling Stress: 34Mpa
Permittivity: (103HZ) 1.15
Water Absording: 2%-5%
Boiling Point: 71.8-73 degree
Solubility: Soluble in methanol, ketones, esters, aromatics, chlorinated hydrocarbons, insoluble in ethanol, higher alcohols, alkanes, cyclohexane, water, etc.
Stability: Stable in sunshine and under 125℃, darkens at 150℃, deforms at 225℃, release acetic acid and brown resinous insoluble matter. 

- Main Applications of PVAC Acetate 

pvac for gumbase

polyvinyl acetate for smc/bmc


pvac solid resin

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